Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Wavy Hair Tutorial with Chloe from Stamp AnnieThing

Hello Stamp AnnieThing fans and friends! Michelle Houghton here sharing a little SAT inspiration and another Copic coloring tutorial with the fabulous SAT stamps!

I recently got a request for a Copic tutorial on coloring wavy hair. Low and behold there are several SAT stamps that have beautiful long wavy hair so perfect! I chose a recent release Chloe - Pehea "Oer to share some tips and tricks.

I have a video in a link at the bottom of the post with a full tutorial if you would like to see the coloring in action, but here is a peak at what I do with wavy hair.

I color wavy hair in one of three ways so here is the same image colored with the same 4 colors 3 different ways:

1 - Loose - This quick and easy style shows the curl, but does not follow the artist's lines so is simple and easy.

2 - From inside to outside - On this image each section is colored darker in toward the figure and lighter as you move out away from Chloe.

3 - Each wave - On the third image I worked into each individual wave. Where hair section dips inward it gets darker and as it curves away it gets lighter. This technique takes the longest, but also has some of the most striking results.

 Here is a look at all three techniques side by side:

I decided to finish one up and get her on a card and here are the results and a closer look at the hair and skin:

Here is a direct link to see all the hair coloring!

Have a Happy Colorful Day!

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