Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Masking Tip

Hello there, it's Ellen here and this time I have a quick tip for you. In this post I want to show you how easy and fun it is to give a face to any shape you can think of. I used the  “Katy Im Smitten Kitten” stamp set. Below you see how this is made:

1. First you need to stamp the image on some masking tape. For people that don’t know; masking tape is paper with a sticky side. The glue is not permanent, so you can remove the paper easily. That’s also why crafters use it a lot for fun techniques.

2. Everything you want to be visible on your actual project you have to cut out the masking paper. On my wooden tag I wanted a face, so I cut out the face on the masking paper. After that I simply placed the masking paper on top of my wooden pine tree and stamped my stamp on top of it. I used a stamping tool for it so I was sure my face would be exactly stamped in the open ‘window’ I created on the masking paper.

If you stamp on wood like I did, it’s good to first do a check up to be sure the ink doesn’t bleed into the nerves of the wood.

I cannot wait to do this same thing on a heart or a star. What are your ideas with the masking technique?

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