Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Stamping On A Box

Hello everyone, it's Ellen here. This is my first personal SAT blog post (woop woop), so here we go. Today I want to show you how to get a stamp from one side to the other side of a box. For this project you need a misti tool or something like that and of course a StampAnniething Stamp. I'm useing Violet Sweet As Can Be.

1. First stamp your stamp and remember to cover all fold lines with post it notes.
2. Then put your transparency on the exact spot of your stamp (I'm talking about the transparency from the stamp packaging with the print on) and use the magnet to put it down.
3. After step two we put the post it notes on the transparency, again where the image stops/fold lines are. After that you can also put everything aside.

4. Turn your box on the side you want the image go further. Put the transparency with the post it notes on it. Match the post it notes perfectly with the sides of your box.
5. Match your stamp with the transparency and place it on the "top flap" of your Misti tool.
6. Take the transparency away and stamp on.

This is how it looks when you put the box together.

Of course the box also needs a perfect sentiment.

I really like the final result. Hopefully you thought it was interesting to read. See you at the next release!