Sunday, February 14, 2016

I Pikachoose You

Hello Crafty Friends!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Katya Bess here, hope all is well and you're having a lovely day. Today I am sharing a card using Lorraine - Hello. I colored Lorraine  as Misty from the show Pokémon. My kids love Pokémon and all of their characters, they collect and trade cards, and sing the song all day long. LOL    So for Valentine's Day at school I made their Valentine's goodie bags with instead of Pokéballs into a Pokéhearts and included snacks. For Jade since she loves getting cards I made her one with the Pokémon theme.

Misty is a Pokémon trainer, she has very bright orangey hair, green eyes,
she wears a yellow crop top, 
with short-shorts, red suspenders
what appears to be Converse shoes so I drew some laces...
Don't look too closely though....

I randomly drew some "Pokéhearts" with my Copic multiliner 
and colored them in like Pokéballs. haha

I wrote out "I Pikachoose You!" as sentiment as a play with words
of "Pikachu" the main character (I think.)
here is a close-up. I had to color her again because for some reason
my Copic multi-liner bled and the back got picked up by the 
marker... I made have contaminated it with one of my Sakura pens. :(
but this one came out okay I just had to do the eyelid and eyelashes after I was done 
coloring the face. 

I hope you like it. 

Happy Valentine's Day or Happy Friendship for some.

Thank you for stopping by,

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